Sustainable Eating

Welcome to Seasonarians, where we promote eating seasonally, locally, and sustainably. This is a much talked about subject in the current climate, which is why we have given this way of sourcing your food a well deserved name and a registered trademark.

It’s quite simple really, if you want to eat in this way, then why not become a Seasonarian? Source your food seasonally and locally as much as you can. By doing this you will be reducing your food miles and your carbon footprint while supporting local shops and producers.

How Do You Become a Seasonarian?

Our Seasonarian Partnerships

Fruit and Vegetable / Farm Shops

Our Seasonarian partners have installed the Seasonarians traffic light labelling system in their Fruit and Veg / Farm Shops. This helps customers easily identify where their produce comes from, with the aim of encouraging seasonal, local, and sustainable eating. 

Milk Vendors

All of our milk vendors have been awarded our green plus label by providing high quality, locally sourced milk to their community. 

Butchers and Meat Producers

Head over to our Butchers & Meat Producers pages to learn more about our partners who supply local and sustainable meat to their customers. 



Visit our Cafe Partnerships to learn more information about the restaurants and Cafes who have joined the Seasonarians movement. 

Hear From Our Contributors

“The Seasonarian traffic light system is a great idea. It takes the pressure off trying to change everything at once and makes you feel like you are really making a difference. I think the Seasonarians movement is great because it puts a framework around the way of living we should all be striving for, and gives clear guidelines on how to achieve this.”

“I love the idea of being a Seasonarian,” says Nicky. “It fits in so well with our farming ethos.”

“I think the idea of becoming a Seasonarian is fantastic” says Gareth. “I have been promoting local and seasonal eating for some time now, and Seasonarians will give people who want to embrace this lifestyle a pathway to achieving just that.”

~ Jake Mills

~ Nicky & Martin Dickenson

~ Gareth Wyn Jones

Come and Join Us...

If you want us to promote your business and the benefits of eating seasonally and locally, please head over to our Join Us page for more information. 

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