Welcome to the Seasonarians, a Community Interest Company.

Whilst sourcing food both seasonally and locally is much talked about, to date no one has put a name or a framework around this way of eating. This website will allow you to do just that!

Use our Seasonarian calculator to:

  • Find out what proportion of the fruit and vegetables in your diet is imported.
  • Get an average score each month and annually.
  • See how you can reduce your monthly score and join the Seasonarians movement.
  • Click here to read more about our calculator.

Seasonarians take action!

If you want to become a Seasonarian, follow the simple steps below.

  • Use our traffic light labelling system to identify where your food is coming from.
  • Download our Seasonarians Calculator to get an index of what proportion of your fruit and veg have been imported.
  • Always check labels to see where products have been sourced.
  • Consider growing whatever you can in the space you have available.

By becoming a Seasonarian you will be contributing to the welfare of our planet. Remember, being a Seasonarian is all about balance. You do not have to completely stop buying or eating certain foods, but checking where they are sourced and growing your own where you can are great steps to take.

Learn more about becoming a Seasonarian

Good luck with becoming a Seasonarian and we hope you enjoy the journey!