The Seasonarians Calculator

Our calculator allows you to enter the main fruit and vegetables that you tend to eat every month, giving you your Seasonarian Index. Your aim should be to reduce your Seasonarian Index as much as possible by eating as much of our wonderful British produce as you can.

A red zone indicates a produce that is grown and imported from outside of Europe, for which you will score 4 points.

An amber zone scores 2 points and indicates that a produce is sourced within Europe.

A green zone indicates UK grown produce which scores 1 point.

Green plus indicates a product that has been produced within 50 mile and scores zero.

You also have the option of growing your own fruit and vegetables in any relevant month which also scores zero.

Where Is Your Food Coming From?

The latest statistics from the Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs show that we imported 47% of all of our vegetables last year and a massive 83% of our fruit. Assuming that on average we eat our five-a-day in a ratio of 3:2 vegetables to fruit, it means that we are importing approximately 60% of this part of our diet!

This equates to an average index of 2.2 per person (assuming that you are buying equal numbers of imported produce from the amber and red zones). By eating in our recommended ratio of 3:2:1, your index will drop to 1.8 overnight. Additionally, by avoiding some red zones at certain times of the year and growing what you can, you will be able to reduce this even further. So, challenge yourself to achieve an index of 1.5 or below!

Accessing The Calculator

  1. Click on the link below to download the calculator on Microsoft Excel.
  2. Once open, you will see the instructions with further details on how to use our calculator.
  3. Below is a picture of what the month January should look like and the arrow indicates the tabs for each month.

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