In the UK, we produce some 15 billion litres of milk every year from 13,000 dairy farms. Approximately half of this production is processed for liquid consumption and the remainder is processed mainly in to cheese, cream, butter and yogurt.


In the processed sector we have recently become net exporters, which means that we actually export more than we import. The main trade here is in cheese, which comes from the European Union. If you want to support British Dairy Farmers as a Seasonarian, then just check the labels in your local shop. There is a huge range of choice when it comes to UK cheese, as according to The British Cheeseboard, we currently have some 700 producers making cheese and supplying our shops all around the UK!

There is very little international trade in liquid due to its short shelf life, so high quality UK milk produced from our fantastic dairy industry is available every day of the year! If you want to reduce your food miles further, then look for a farm vending machine in your area selling fresh milk.

Head to our milk vending machine page for more information. 

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