Below is a map of the wonderful shops that have installed the Seasonarians traffic light labelling system. Don’t forget to zoom in! Several of the shops are located within the same areas.

Spotty Dog Farm Shop, Wiltshire

Spotty Dog Farm Shop in Rowde, Wiltshire is owned by Kerry Davies, who opened the shop 3 days before the initial Covid-19 lockdown, and like many other businesses, had to make changes. Within a few short days, they had turned their beautiful new Farm Shop into a distribution centre, serving their local community with essential food home deliveries, which proved very popular! They also created a Safe Zone, constructed outside of the Farm Shop to keep customers and the farm shop Covid safe. 12 months on, Spotty Dog Farm Shop is approaching its first birthday! Despite a year with many ups and downs, the farm shop has been able to keep going through support from their local suppliers and customers. Their customers repeatedly express how much they want to support local and buy locally grown, reared, sourced and produced products, all of which are available at Spotty Dog Farm Shop. This includes fresh, local milk from a new milk vending machine, supplied by Moo2Yoo.

Customers like to know where their food is coming from and who made it, and we are very proud to be able to tell them,” says Kerry. “We are really excited about being the first Seasonarian Farm Shop partner in England. The new labelling will make it immediately clear which products have been sourced locally and which are in season, enabling customers to make informed choices about what they choose to buy.”  

To find out more about Spotty Dog Farm Shop, head to their website, or call 01380 720002.

Four Seasons, Tenby

Four seasons is owned by Hugh Scale who grows a great deal of his own vegetables at his nearby nursery, and sources as much other produce as he can from Pembrokeshire and the UK. Four Seasons was the first shop to adopt our traffic light system, whereby shoppers can see at a glance exactly where their produce is grown. To find out more about Four Seasons, please go to their facebook page.

“We are delighted to be the first shop to trial this system,” said Hugh. “I think it is great, because about 80% of all of our fruit and veg is grown in the UK and this will help to highlight where everything is sourced from for our customers.”

If you are interested in our labelling system, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us through our Facebook and Instagram pages, or by emailing