Meat Producers

Our local meat producers below have all been awarded our Green Plus Label for producing meat that is consumed within a 50 mile radius, making it one of our most sustainable products.

Pasture Perfect

Martin and Nicky Dickenson started farming at Esgair in Carmarthenshire in 2004, when they took on the family herd of suckler cows. They have recently established a small herd of breeding pigs to add to their enterprise of Pasture Perfect, and now retail their own pork, bacon and sausages as well as their beef. Martin and Nicky are keen on bridging the gap between producers and consumer. The care of the farm’s wildlife continues to be an important part of their management programme, with Barn and Short Eared Owls nesting here along with Red Kites. To find out more go to or follow them on facebook.

Curley Wells Lamb

David and Surrey Hartshorn farm their flock of Llyn sheep at Curley Wells near Narberth, where they rear and retail all of the lamb they produce. Their lambs are taken to Maddocks Abattoir, a small family run business in Maesteg, then transferred to local butcher Andrew Rees for cutting. For more information about Curley Wells Lamb please ring David on 07967 756426.

Masterland Lamb

Sofie Toy and Ashley Bonser farm their flock of Texal Cross Lleyn Ewes near Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire. They are passionate about eating locally and sustainably, and all of their lambs are sold to The Copper Hog butchers in Tenby which is just 3 miles down the road. So definitely a Green Plus label for all of their lamb! To find out more about Masterland Lamb check out their facebook page.

If you are a local meat producer and you are interested in using our green plus label, the please head over to our Join us page for more information.

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