As highlighted below, the UK imports considerable amounts of meat, and as Seasonarians we aim to eat only that which has been produced in the UK.

We should look to see what we can source on a more local basis by using a butcher or farm shop where the food miles will be considerably lower. This is a very simple choice compared to fruit and vegetables as it does not involve us going without some of our favourite things for some months of the year.

Where Is Our Meat Coming From?

Lamb, pork, beef and poultry are available every month of the year in the UK, however we still import a considerable quantity of our meat. This is because British consumers tend to only eat a limited range of meat cuts, such as steaks and chops. This means that popular cuts are being imported even though we have plenty of meat sources in the UK.

33% of our sheep meat comes from New Zealand, which is responsible for 70% of all our imported lamb, with Australia in second place providing some 15% of this market.

60% of our pork is imported from Denmark, with Germany and The Netherlands also being major contributors.

35% of our beef and veal is also imported, with the majority coming from The Republic of Ireland, whilst 27% of all poultry meat arrives from Poland, Ireland, Germany and Belgium (British Meat Processors Association).

An Advocate of Being a Seasonarian

Gareth Wyn Jones is the much-loved BBC presenter, who is a beef and sheep farmer from North Wales. He farms with his wife Rhian and 3 children at Ty’n Llwyfan on The Carneddau mountains where his family have farmed for 370 years.

Gareth believes that farming is a way of life, not just a job, and that there needs to be greater support for local farmers and respect for the food they produce. He strives to educate and share his unique way of life and to encourage people to eat healthily; food that is sustainable and local to support a circular economy fit for future generations.

As a result he has over 42,000 people following him around the farm every day on facebook!

“I think the idea of becoming a Seasonarian is fantastic,” says Gareth “I have been promoting eating seasonally and locally for some time now and this will give people who want to embrace this a real identity.”

Click here to see Gareth Wyn Jones talking about Seasonarians

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