Milk Vending Machines

All of the milk vending machine enterprises below have been awarded our green plus label. The milk they produce and sell is consumed within a 50 mile radius, making milk vendors some of our most sustainable partnerships. The map below will allow you to view the milk vending machines that have taken on our Seasonarians labelling system and like us, wish to promote local, seasonal and sustainable eating…and drinking!

Dorset Dairy Company

The Dorset Dairy Company is run by Alex Rawe and Daniel Miller at Cribhouse Farm, Stallbridge, where they operate 20 vending machines in the surrounding area.  As well as their milk vending machines, the Dorset Dairy Company produce their own yogurt, butter and cream. Recently, they have been accepted onto the Mootral trial, a programme assessing the impact of feeding a garlic and citrus supplement to their herd to reduce methane omissions. Their goals for 2022 are to plant 500 trees, host their first Open Farm Sunday and take further steps to improve their grass management. This just goes to show the lengths that dairy farmers are willing to go to in order to reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to learn more about the Dorset Dairy Company, please check out their website.

Fforest Farm Milk

Sally Windsor runs Fforest Farm Milk near Whitland, Wales. Sally has recently set up her own milk vending enterprise, where the cows are milked on two robots and grazed for up to 10 months of the year. The milk is then pasteurised on the farm before being sold in re-usable glass bottles and consumed within in a 10-mile radius. She recently started selling milk to four shops in the local area, and aspirations for the business include more outlets, as well as increased customer involvement with the farm, such as families coming to feed the animals. To learn more about Fforest Farm Milk, please check out their Facebook page.

Great Trewen Milk Shed

The vending machine is based at the village hall in Llangrove, and as well as milk you can also buy local Stawberries, butter and cheese. Chris and Heather have also developed other outlets for their milk in local shops, schools, and hotels. The Great Trewen Milk Shed is kept going by their customers’ kind comments and support, as well as requests to supply their milk in increasingly more locations. Chris and Heather want their customers to enjoy the taste of fresh, locally produced farm milk, and hope to educate more people about the field to fork ethos. To find out more about the Great Trewen Milk Shed, please head to their Facebook page.

Llaeth Meillionen

Lowri and Lyn Thomas run Llaeth Meillionen near Llandysul, Wales. This milk retail business was set up in 2020, and rather than using a vending machine, the Thomases simply use a collection system. The milk is also sold raw, so their setting up costs have been minimal. The long-term aim is to add more products with the hope of opening a farm shop up at the end of their road. To find out more about Llaeth Meillionen, please check out their Facebook Page.

Milk at Mile Elm

Milk at Mile Elm in Wiltshire joined us in March 2021. The enterprise is run by The Lewis family: Guy, Jane, and their daughter Josephine near Calne, Wiltshire. They farm 220 Holstein cows with a few Jerseys for good measure. Apart from milk vending at Mile Elm, you can also buy local potatoes, sausages, bacon, oilseed rape oil, and gelato alongside various cakes, and bakes. Everything they sell is produced within a 50-mile radius so definitely deserves our Green Plus Label for local and sustainable produce. The Lewis’s next plan is to extend the shop area and possibly set up a commercial kitchen which could be rented out to various organisations. To learn more about Milk at Mile Elm, please head to their Facebook page.

Milk's Up

Bex Heywood and her family run Milks Up in North Devon with their herd of 65 Friesian cows at North Hole Farm. Bex recently returned from completing her degree at Harpur Adams, where it had been impressed on her that adding value rather than keeping more cows was the way forward. So, she decided to set up a milk vending enterprise as this is a great tourist area. In addition, she has set up the veg shed which is supplied by local producers. This operates on a self-service card payment machine. The business seems to be flying and Bex is now looking at setting up a second machine. To find out more about Milk’s Up, please head to their website.

Morfa Milk

Morfa Milk is run by The Williams family at Parcymorfa Farm, just outside Fishguard, Wales. Randal and Christy set up this new enterprise in July 2020 in order to retail and pasteurise their own milk. Not only does Morfa milk have their vending machine, but they also supply the supermarket CK’s in 5 of their local stores. The uptake has been brilliant, and their customers love the sustainability of their products, which are produced and consumed within a 50-mile radius. Green Plus all the way! To learn more about Morfa Milk, please head to their Facebook page.

Simply Milk

Nick Roch’s business Simply Milk in Pembrokeshire was the first on our website when we launched in June 2020. In 2021, disaster struck when his whole cattle herd was taken out with TB. There is no doubt that Nick went through a tough time, but he sourced a local milk supply and pushed on. This was made possible by the constant interest and support from his customers, who remain passionate about supporting local businesses and buying locally where they can. To find out more about Simply Milk, please go to their Facebook page.

“There seems to be real momentum behind this way of buying your milk” continues Nick, “and it is great for us to get positive feedback from all of our customers.”

Stokehouse Farm Dairy

Stokehouse Farm Dairy in Devon joined us in December 2021. It was in 2021 when Stokehouse Farm Dairy decided to downsize their herd of cattle and take the next step to setting up the on-farm pasteurising and off farm milk vending outlets. Both locations have been well supported, and the hope is that this continues throughout 2022 and beyond. Stokehouse Farm Dairy are planning to offer milk straight from the farm soon in hopes that this will give them the opportunity to communicate with consumers and let them see where and how their milk is produced. To discover more about Stokehouse Farm Dairy, please head to their Facebook page.

The Mount Milk

The Mount Milk were one of the first milk vendor partnerships to join the Seasonarians, The retail operation which is run by Lindsey-Anne Richards is growing fast. As well as their vending machine at The Bay Views Stores in Solva, The Mount Milk also supply pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area with high quality, local milk. They are passionate about reducing plastic waste, and like many milk vendors, they supply reusable glass bottles to their customers. To learn more about The Mount Milk, please head to their Facebook page.

Milk From The Hills

Milk From The Hills, as the name suggests, is run by the Hill family at Kidfield Farm, Hoylandswaine, South Yorkshire, where they have been farming for four generations. They pride themselves on producing a local, fresh British product. They milk 120 Fresian Holsteins with robots and so the cows decide when they get milked. They have recently set up a milk vending operation at Kidfield Farm and they also have an outlet at Blacker Hall Farm Shop in Wakefield. To find out more about Milk From The Hills, please check out their website.

Towy Valley Milk

Aled Davies runs Towy Valley Milk in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The business was set up in December 2020 and includes two milk vending machines: one at Llanarthe village hall and the other one at The Hangout in Llandeilo. This is a great addition to the family farm, and it is great to see Aled’s enthusiasm to drive this new business venture on. Like many of our partnerships, Towy Valley Milk is also on a quest to lower their carbon footprint and increase their sustainability by reducing plastic waste by providing reusable glass bottles. To find out more about Towy Valley Milk, please check out their website.

If you are a dairy farmer with a milk vending machine and are interested in using our green plus label then please head over to our join us page for more information.